Technical SEO

One of the very first things we do in our monthly package is make sure that there are very few errors on your website. If our end goal is getting Google to rank your website higher in the results pages, then we need to make sure we’re presenting them with a site free from any technical errors which may be affecting your SEO.

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What kind of errors are we looking for?

The initial SEO report that we produce will let us know what could be holding you back from appearing higher in Google rankings.

We’re not checking your site for spelling mistakes, we’re making sure that the very foundations of your website are strong and stable. Increasing site speed is just one element we look at, but more specifically, we’ll find and fix errors that could affect your rankings. These include:

Creating a simple, consistent structure

A neat, logically organised website will get much more attention from Google than one that is thrown together. We’ll make sure your URLs are clean, succinct and in the right places and make sure that your pages have the correct headings and markup that Google is looking for, including; titles and descriptions and image alt tags.

Secure browsing

You will have probably seen a padlock icon in your web browser when you visit most websites nowadays. Look in the address bar of this website and you’ll see one. You need one too! Even if you’re not transferring sensitive data, Google now uses site security as a ranking factor. These Secure Socket Layers Certificates (SSLs) are quite often free with your hosting company but may simply need setting up. If it doesn’t come free, then we’ll suggest the best way to get one and will install (but not pay for) it for you.

Internal Links

We’ll make sure that your website links to other pages in your site. We need to lay a path down for Google to follow, so it knows which pages it should go and look at after it’s read the current one. By giving Google a nudge, you’re bound to get more of your site noticed. What’s more, internal links are a user-friendly way to let your users discover other relevant pages of your website.

Duplicate Content and Missing Pages

There’s nothing worse than seeing ‘Page not found’ or coming across content that you’ve already read on a website. We’ll make sure there are no dead links or missing pages on your site and our report will highlight any duplicate content for us, so we can go back and tweak it if there is any.

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