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Getting your website to load quickly is not only an advantage to your users, meaning they can get the information they need quickly, but is also a key metric that Google use to rank your website. As you can imagine, Google want to send people to websites that load quickly, so if your website is slow, we’ll help to speed it up.

Man flying on a rocket to show how website speed affects SEO

Why is a fast website so important to SEO?

Your users expect websites to load quickly nowadays and, as the world is turning to mobile web viewing, this expectation is becoming even more prominent. Google recognises this trend and as they are trying to deliver a useful Internet to the masses, site speed is now an important ranking factor.

How do we make your website faster?

We check the speed of your website at GT Metrix which shows us a current benchmark. We get a report back from the site within a minute which tells us where your site might be slowing down. From this report, we are able to tweak the code on your website in order to prevent any delays.

In some instances, we will recommend that you move your website to a new hosting company. Some of the cheaper hosting services are simply not quick enough for today’s demanding visitors and Google’s expectations. We will help you move your site over to a more modern, faster web host service, but this will be at an additional cost to our monthly package.

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