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We can’t know whether or not we are successful, unless success is defined and tracked. With a clearly established metric for success, we can quantify progress and adjust the process to produce the desired outcome.

A monthly report does just that, and we look at various key factors to measure success.

Image showing an SEO report being presented to a client in Cornwall

Our reports provide real insights, not just data

Every month you’ll receive an SEO report which summarises key data, provides commentary on any fluctuations and provides actionable insights (which we will action, unlike most other SEO companies). It not only shows you what work has been done, it explains why.

We hope that you’re interested in them as each report will highlight important information regarding your SEO campaign. We’re also aware that this isn’t your field of work, so every report is easy to understand, written in plain English and not some fancy techie jargon.

Our effective SEO reports convey three things


How much have we grown your site this month? How have we moved the needle since the last report?


Highlighting issues and areas that still need work over the upcoming months. Explaining what certain data means and how it can affect your SEO.


What else would we recommend you do to reach your goals? We’ll be fixing things that we find and creating new content, but there are always other things that could be done that would be out of our scope of work within the monthly fee.

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