Monthly SEO Package – How it works

We work with sites built using WordPress and Squarespace, or any other modern Content Management Systems. This is because they make adding new content and optimising pages much quicker and easier.

Some of our customers stick with us for at least 6 months, most a lot longer, but we aim to give you everything you need to build a strong foundation for SEO and start seeing rapid results within 3 months.

Picture of a Cornish business asking us how does SEO Pilot's monthly SEO package work

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Is there a limit on the size of my website?

Yes. We work with small businesses with small websites. Typically, they are around 10-15 pages. We can work with bigger, but we would need to agree a new fee.

Do you only work with WordPress & Squarespace websites?

Mainly. We like WordPress and Squarespace and we are specialists at optimising theses types of sites for SEO.

Why is it a 3 month contract?

Firstly, we do a lot of work up-front in the first month. Although the work we do in month 2 and 3 is of incredible value, the initial setup in month one is more time consuming. Secondly, 3 months is a good amount of time to see real beneficial results from the work that we do. We hope you stick around for longer as you’ll find that your competitors will start to up their SEO game once they realise that’s what you’re doing!

What results can I expect to see?

It depends. Every market is different, depending on the competition. However, we have always managed to dramatically improve our customers rankings in Google, which increases the number of visitors to their websites.

Visits to my site have increased dramatically, but I’m still not making many sales. Why?

Our job is to get more visitors to your website. It’s your job to convert those visitors into customers. However, we’ve been in this business for many years, so we can help you along the way.

How many backlinks will I get?

We can’t say for sure. We don’t sell backlinks by the number. SEO companies who do are often tempted to provide low quality, ‘spammy’ links which will only harm all of the other hard work we are putting in to getting your site higher in Google. We work hard at getting quality over quantity which always pays-off.

What if you already do SEO for one of my competitors?

Sorry. We wouldn’t be able to work for you. In the interests of our current customers, they would take priority within your business niche.

We’re getting great results. Can you carry-on after 3 months?

We’d be delighted. We’d continue to provide weekly articles and backlinks, as well as working closely with you on new keyword ideas to beat your competition. We would bill you monthly at £269

If I refer a friend, can I have a discount?

Great question. 99% of our business comes from referrals. If your friend joins us and you’re still in your 3 month contract, we’ll either give you £30, or we’ll give you a £50 credit note if you wish to continue using us for SEO after the initial 3 months.

We used to use SEO Pilot and want to come back. Do we still get a discount?

Afraid we can’t, even though we’d love to have you back. In order to get the best possible results, we like to work with our customers on a continual basis. It gives us more control of the situation. We’d be happy to have you back, unless a new customer within your business niche has joined us since you left. We’d need to start another 3 month contract as it will be like we’re starting work for you all over again.

We love the sound of your service, but our website isn’t up to much. Can you design and build us a new one?

Let’s talk. We’ve been designing and building WordPress websites for years and we can certainly help. Get in touch to see what we can do.

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