What kind of links do we build?

At SEO Pilot, we do custom outreach, we contact blog/media sites in your industry to acquire reputable backlinks to your website.

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There are 3 main types of backlinks that a website owner could try to get:

Directory/Forum links – these links can be bought for £5 by anyone. These kind of backlinks are harmful to your SEO strategy & will eventually blacklist your site from Google. Sadly, small businesses don’t know that these links are damaging, so some SEO agencies will sell them anyway for a big profit.

PBN (Private Blog Networks) This is sadly, the industry standard when it comes to backlinks.

Agencies will buy expired domains with an existing backlink & site structure, reformat it with a blog section & post spun articles with a link back to your site. These links are temporary as they can be removed by the site owner & lower in quality over time.

Custom Outreach/Guest Posting – This is what we do at SEO Pilot. It’s the nearest you can get to as a genuine, long-term backlink. By working with media/blog sites in your industry, we can create custom content to publish in return for a backlink. These are genuine sites with real traffic – Google sees this as a high-quality, relevant backlink.

SEO Pilot is a long-term solution for SEO and by providing links through custom outreach, we’re able to rank our clients sites for the long-term.

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