How to remove bad Google Reviews

5 Star Google reviews are great for SEO and building customer trust, but how do you handle the more negative google reviews. Let us show you how to remove bad reviews from google local.

How to remove negative Google reviews

Can you remove google reviews?

So, you’ve been given a negative, potentially damaging review of your business on Google. Oh oh! It happens, despite trying to please everyone, and you’re definitely not alone.

Removing a bad review is relatively simple, but not a manual task that you have complete control over. Google Reviews exist to allow people to rate your local business on a 5 star system, plus the opportunity to write what they thought about your product or service. However, Google doesn’t know who is a customer of yours, which is where some of the more ‘spammy’ reviews come from.

If you receive a negative review from a genuine customer, simply respond and communicate with them to find out how the issue can be resolved. If you genuinely care about your customers, then this is probably what you’re doing anyway. If you play things well and rectify the situation, then you will be showing your concern and will hopefully get them to change their mind.

If the review has not come from a customer that you recognise, also respond to them saying that you do not recognise their name (they might have a strange Google account name) and you do not remember doing business with them. If after a week or so they do not respond, log in to your Google My Business account and go top the ‘Reviews’ section. When you have located the imposter review, simply click on the three vertical dots icon to the right of the review and click to ‘Flag as inappropriate’.

You will then be asked why this is inappropriate in the following ways. Simply provide the email address associated with your Google My Business account and select the most appropriate reason for flagging as inappropriate.

Screenshot showing Google Bad Review reason response

There are other ways to flag a Google review as inappropriate.

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