Local SEO 2020 – 6 Great features of Google My Business

Today, all businesses should take advantage of the power of Google My Business (GMB) for local SEO. Many users are more interested to learn about local businesses, which is why companies must boost their local SEO strategies.

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Google has rolled out several GMB features over the last few months that companies can use to improve their local SEO and grow their business.

1. Main Image for GMB Listing

GMB now allows its users to choose the primary image for the GMB listing. With this new feature, it is more convenient for companies to display images in local results. That means they have a better chance of highlighting their products or services.

2. Business Logos

The new GMB update now shows the business logo at the GMB profile’s top-right section that contains important details, such as phone numbers and opening times. Brand logos are an integral part of any business as they help boost the company’s identity. Having the logo shown on business properties, such as a GMB listing, will improve brand awareness and consistency.

3. New Photo Display Module

The new photo display module now allows business images to show up in the listing quickly. You can now upload multiple photos of your business to the gallery. Make sure that you choose the ones that highlight the essential features of your business. You can also add captions to the photos that will allow you to give more context to each image. If you rely heavily on GMB, you will find this feature to be extremely helpful.

4. Videos

Google now allows businesses to upload videos to their GMB listings. Videos can boost engagement, which urges companies to create exciting and engaging video content. GMB videos are limited to 30 seconds and 100MB, so when you’re planning out your GMB videos, make sure to keep in mind these requirements. What makes it even more remarkable is that not all companies have taken advantage of this feature, which means you have the chance to get ahead of the competition.

5. Answers Section

Google lets businesses answer the users’ questions via the Answers section on the GMB listing. This way, businesses can address customer concerns quickly, which will be helpful to enhance the company’s customer experience.

6. Small Thanks with Google

Small Thanks with Google allows businesses to turn positive reviews into free posters that they can print or share online. The feature uses existing Google reviews and highlights the best ones. You can use this and share it on your website or social media to establish a better social proof that can build your credibility online.

Wrapping Up

Using these new GMB features can help you improve your local SEO. Keep in mind that GMB exists to help businesses increase their visibility online and helps potential clients find businesses in their local area.

If you haven’t used these GMB features for your local SEO, it’s time that you do. Google will continue to roll out updates that will help users and businesses connect better. It is essential for all businesses today to know how to evolve and adapt to the ever-changing technology.

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