5 Basic SEO Tips To Improve Your Business Blog

Utilising proper search engine optimisation (SEO) practices for your business’ blog is a necessity to remain relevant in today’s market. By simply creating an online presence, you can keep your relevancy through the use of digital marketing strategies. This is, however, only as effective as your online rankings.

SEO Tips for your business blog - SEO Pilot

As many would know, online rankings directly result in a website’s searchability via search engines. When one searches for something related to your industry on a search engine like Google, the displayed results will show in accordance with the website’s ranking. To get that ranking good enough to reach the first page, proper SEO practices must be implemented throughout your website.

One of the simplest and easiest areas to implement SEO practices are in your business blog. Here are five basic tips you have to follow in order for it to have a better SEO.

SEO TIP #1: Update Regularly

Updating your blog regularly allows your visitors to now that your website is active, allowing for more engagement with your audience. By creating new content, you allow yourself to be more present in the online world. Search engines also prefer showing more recent results, so outdated information finds itself on the farthest reaches of search results.

SEO TIP #2: Utilise Keywords Properly

Keyword usage is a basic necessity for appropriate SEO practices—knowing relevant and highly searchable keywords allow your content a better edge in searchability. Frequency might be a debatable topic, but the important thing to remember is to add keywords where they can fit for as long as it still reads properly! Try including them in your title, in headings and subheadings, in the first sentence, and in your conclusion.

SEO TIP #3: Create Proper Image Descriptions

Your image descriptions might not be immediately visible to your audience, but search engines’ probes will see them too! Inserting relevant keywords into the file name and descriptors, as well as writing appropriate descriptions allow for better SEO as well.

SEO TIP #4: Try to Rank Locally

Keywords have different rankings internationally and locally, so targetting for one or the other requires different strategies and planning. For smaller businesses, it might be wiser to stick to more local channels.

Adding keywords that rank better locally may be one way to do this or by geo-tagging your SEO to your particular area. By localising your SEO, you won’t only rank better for your area, but you would also be sidelining more global businesses. For example, searching “SEO Services” would yield a plethora of results, but using the keyphrase “SEO Services in Cornwall” would yield a shorter list of results.

SEO TIP #5: Optimise for Mobile

The majority of today’s population spends most of their free time browsing on mobile devices, so there is an increased chance of them reaching your website through a mobile platform. As such, optimising for mobile viewing is not only a good recommendation, it’s a necessity. Poor viewing optimisation affects your web traffic, which can really affect your rankings in the long run.

Mobile Usability is a key SEO metric
A screenshot of our website’s Mobile Usability using Google Search Console


Following through on these five simple practices can yield better SEO results for your business blog. With better SEO, your website will reach newer heights and broader audiences, expanding your business to the farthest reaches of the internet.

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