How do you get to the top of Google?

Ranking first on Google is the common goal of every SEO marketer—therefore, the competition is extreme. With many businesses and websites trying to get that number one spot, it’s difficult to get on top of the leaderboards. Also, even if you do, staying there for a fair amount of time will also pose a challenging task.

First page of Google

That said, it’s not entirely impossible to have your site rank first on Google. In fact, there are techniques that you can incorporate into your SEO marketing campaign that’ll easily land you above the competition. Here are five effective strategies to ranking first on Google:

1. Focus on your niche

If you really want to succeed on Google SEO, the first thing you want to do is narrow down your target market and demographics. As there’s an abundance of websites doing possibly everything already on the Internet, being a jack of all trades in this industry is often not effective anymore.

People want specifics. They want to find the answers they’re looking for right away. If you give them a broad and general answer to what your business is about, chances are high that they’ll click on the previous button as fast as lightning.

By creating content and design focused on your business and website’s needs, you’re making it easier, not only for your viewers, but also for your brand as you’ll be competing with fewer people on the web.

2. Optimise title tag and meta-description

Oftentimes, these two are overlooked by websites, as most site owners think that they’re not really that helpful. However, the title and the meta-description is what users see and read on Google before they click on a link. Consider this as a mini advertisement that is vital to ranking first.

By creating unique titles and meta-descriptions, users are enticed to click on a link and see what it is. It’s also best to add essential keywords to these fields. This will allow you to target a more specific set of people searching for a query.

3. Acquire high-quality backlinks to your site

Links also play an essential role in SEO. When an article or any type of content links back to your website, you’ll gain higher chances of acquiring visitors from that site to yours. However, even links can affect your credibility, especially if the backlinks are from sketchy sites that no one would dare to read.

It’s important to get your website listed on top business directories online. This way, the number of sites linking back to yours is increased.

4. Improve user experience

Lastly, you need to have a responsive website that appeals to your visitors. A slow and unresponsive website can lead to a high bounce rate, which will affect your credibility in the long run. Google also wants to give the best results, meaning it will disregard sites that have low results and engagements. Google will only push sites higher up the ranking and into the front page when the site is fast, responsive, and gains a lot of traction from the vast majority of users searching for a keyword.


The most crucial aspect of ranking first in Google is having a website that observes all the basics of SEO. After all, you won’t go too far when the essentials are ignored. To create a good SEO strategy, good planning is essential.

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